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Writings & Publications


  • Reynolds, V. (2010).  Doing Justice as a Path to Sustainability in Community Work.

    "I have never read anything quite like this. If you work in this area, I urge you to read it if you seek to continue to do so with moral stamina rather than burn-out. Vikki has innovated something quite unique."
    David Epston, co-founder & co-Director of The Family Therapy Centre in Auckland, New Zealand, co-author of Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends(1990) and several other books on Narrative Therapy.
    "I have often felt inspired by Vikki’s energetic dedication to the construction of practices that reflect the ethics she holds around the development of a just and accountable community.
    Vikki has applied the same energy, rigor and dedication to the translation of these practices into this book, Doing Justice as a Path to Sustainability in Community Work.
    I believe this book will act like an oasis nourishing those who feel marginalised ‘professionally’ as a consequence of working on the margins."
    Johnella Bird is co-founder & co-director of the Family Therapy Centre in Auckland, New Zealand; Author of The Heart's Narrative and other books on Narrative Therapy and Supervision.



  • Reynolds, V. & Larcombe, A. (2016). Living Supervision in Practice: Structuring accountability with men therapists working alongside women and gender-variant persons with precarious lives, in I. McCarthy & G. Simon (Eds.), Systemic therapy as transformative practice. London: Everything is Connected Press, p125-138.
  • Reynolds, V. (2010). Doing Justice: A Witnessing Stance in Therapeutic Work Alongside Survivors of Torture and Political Violence , in J. Raskin, S. Bridges, & R. Neimeyer (Eds.), Studies in meaning 4: Constructivist perspectives on theory, practice, and social justice. New York: Pace University Press.


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  • Reynolds, V. (2009). Collective ethics as a path to resisting burnoutInsights: The Clinical Counsellor's Magazine & News., December 2009, 6-7.